The FAQ section will be updated frequently. If you have questions that require immediate assistance and you don’t see your answer here, you can email and you should receive a response within 24 hours.

For all orders, please make sure that the address that you have listed on Paypal is the address you would like to have your shipment sent. Kill Pink™ only delivers to addresses listed via your paypal account (unless a prior agreement has been made to send to a different address). Beads & Blow by Kill Pink™ is NOT responsible for mail that's delivered to an incorrect address. If you log into Paypal and click "profile," the system will walk you through updating address information.

The item that I’m looking for isn’t on your site. Do you offer custom options?

Not at this time.

What sizes are available for Kill Pink™ bracelets?

Kill Pink™ bracelets are designed as ‘one size fits most’ (and most in this case means 7-7.5” in diameter as a general rule). As an additional guide: Small Wrist: 6" to 6.75" Medium Wrist: 7" to 7.75" Large Wrist: 8" to 8.75" Please note that until the FULL launch of, custom size requests are not offered.

Do you make all the bracelets on the site yourself?

Yes! Every bracelet listed on is handmade by me (on the day that you order) and not pre-made by any other company.

Do you have any care instructions for your bracelets?

All merchandise should be handled with care. It is NOT recommended that you wet (i.e., bathing, showering, swimming, cleaning, etc) your new accessory. Please note that using body oils, lotions or perfumes near your jewelry may ruin the color of the stones. Apply those before putting on your new accessory. Remove all bracelets before bed. Do not throw, bang, or hit your bracelet with anything for ANY reason. Unless otherwise noted, all bracelets are made of strong elastic cord that CAN pop if overstretched or abused.

Kill Pink™ is NOT responsible for mistreated merchandise.

Are the charms/findings on your bracelets real (i.e., sterling silver, gold, etc)?

Unless noted in the item description, all findings are to be considered metal with silver/gold tone/plating. They are all nickel and lead free.

I don’t have a Paypal account but I’d still like to purchase items from Kill Pink™. How do I do this?

Paypal allows you to make payments/purchases without signing up for an account. You can either check out through the website or you can email me at with the subject INVOICE ME. Please let me know the name of the item you’d like to purchase and I will immediately forward you an invoice (please note that, unless previously discussed, all invoices are cancelled after 48 hours). You are NOT required to have a Paypal account to be invoiced.

Orders processed via check will be immediately canceled. No exceptions!