Do you have an idea for a customized option that you'd like to bring to life? Let Kill Pink help you make that happen!

If this is your first time purchasing a custom option, please note that a non-refundable deposit of $25 is REQUIRED* to start the process. The deposit will be applied to your completed purchase. Deposits can be made via the "custom deposit" option in the store. Click HERE.

Once your deposit is made, use the contact form to send a message about what you'd like to create (or send an email to if you'd like to include photos).

In the message, please include the name used to pay your deposit and a detailed description of what you're looking for including:

• bead type/color

• charm details (including if you'd like a gold or silver finish)

• wrist measurements

• pics if you have them (you'd have to use email, as the contact form does not allow attachments. You can, however, send links)

You'll be sent a photo collage of the available options. From there, you'll choose what you like and that's it. If the item(s) that you're looking for are not actual stocked items, please note that there will be a processing time for them to be ordered, constructed, and subsequently shipped to you. I'll be as realistic as possible on how long it will take to receive custom items but before paying your deposit, please send a message first if you're working within a specific deadline.

Base price for any Kill Pink piece is $42 and increases depending on what's added.

Please note that we do not intentionally replicate anyone's work. If you see a bracelet on someone's website that you like, purchase it from them. I support small businesses 100% and would rather you work with the vendor you've found than to work to "copy" someone else's idea.

Your deposit will be applied to the total cost. If at any time email communication drops (on your end) or you decide not to move forward after items have been searched for, your deposit is 100% NON refundable and can NOT be applied to a new, future custom idea. No exceptions.

If for any reason (after reading your request) your piece is not something that can be done, your deposit will be fully refunded.

If you have any additional questions or if anything is unclear, please send a message via the contact form.

* The deposit is required cover time spent via email + searching for your items and is non negotiable.